Normally, my landlord is very hands-off when it comes to dealing with his property and has always been respectful of my use of the unit I rent. There have been a few occasions, however, when there’s been a misunderstanding in the agreement and that’s when Noor has been more than helpful.

She helped me and my landlord come to a mutually-beneficial agreement and also helped defuse a potentially tense situation by being nothing but professional, calm and collected when it was not easy to be so. She also took the initiative to ensure that any potential future disputes would be resolved amicably and not start in the same way.

So far from what I believe is a result of Noor’s help, there has been no further issue and the problem in question has been solved. There’s nothing more I can ask for. Her help was extremely appreciated and I really can’t thank her enough!”

– Middlesex County, MA


Working with Ms. Kazmi was a very comfortable experience. My husband and I needed to update our will and were referred to her by our daughter, who has known her for several years. Ms. Kazmi met with us & listened to the changes we wished to make. She pointed out related issues for our consideration. After our initial meeting, we communicated a few times via email and received prompt, clear replies. We soon had our revised will in hand.

We were very satisfied with the ease of the experience and a few months later asked Ms. Kazmi to help us with an Advance Health Care Directive. This was something we were relatively unfamiliar with and had several questions. We appreciated her insightful explanations & guidance in completing it.”

– San Diego County, CA


Ms. Kazmi is clearly what an Attorney should be. She takes the time to listen and her knowledge of the Law is superior. I/We have used many Attorneys in the past, and Ms. Kazmi is by all accounts “is simply the best” and then some. Her expertise, ethics, and honesty allows me to rate her 20 out of 10. While what we are going through is difficult, Noor is the silver lining in the journey that has been thrust upon us. When you need an expert Attorney, particularly in Real Estate or any issue regarding Housing, I would strongly urge you to contact Noor, for her professional and friendly service. Because of her efforts, we are not facing homelessness. I would utilize Ms. Kazmi again and besides, she is one hell of a nice person as well. She has incredible listening skills which is something generally Attorneys are not good at.

It is with great pride that I now call her a friend even after her Representation of our issues has ended. Ms. Kazmi went far beyond what was required in her in her Represention of our issues. I will call on her again if the need ever present themselves again.”

– San Diego County, CA


Noor assisted me with a long outstanding contractual matter with the defendants. With the statute of limitations quickly approaching (a matter of weeks), Noor worked diligently with opposing counsel to bring the matter to a close after years of prolonged delays.

Without her legal expertise and skillful advocacy, my case could have went in the wrong direction resulting in further litigation and delay. Instead, we reached a settlement without the addition of extensive legal fees and in a matter of weeks.

I highly recommend Noor as an attorney.”

– Contra Costa County, CA

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